KEC's New Construction Process

Step 1. 

Complete online application form.

Please provide all necessary documents outlined in the application.Step 1. Apply Online

Process request.

Step 2.

Process request. 

Our member services team will process the application and contact the applicant to gather any missing information, collect payment and schedule an on-site meeting if applicable. Below is a list of applicable fees, depending on the type of service requested. Payments can be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.Step 2. Process Request

  • $50 Area light engineering fee: This fee includes the cost to engineer and install the area light utilizing existing KEC infrastructure.
  • $250 Engineering fee (applied towards project): This fee applies to requests that include but are not limited to low-density new construction which includes subdivision lot sizes greater than one-half acre or lots where transformers have not been installed. This fee also applies to requests for non-residential new construction as well as modifications of an existing service.

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This is a test page for Kootenai Electric

This is a test page for Kootenai Electric. 

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