Project Description:
KEC received special grant funding from FEMA to convert approximately 22 miles of the most problematic overhead lines in the Spirit Lake East and Treeport subdivisions to underground lines. The purpose of this project is to mitigate risk and improve power reliability during adverse weather events. Once awarded, the FEMA federal grant funds will reimburse KEC for 90% of project construction costs.

Project Status: Construction areas 2 and 3 are complete. Construction area 1 begins in May 2024 and completion is projected during spring of 2025. 

Project Contact Information :
To speak to a KEC representative about the Spirit Lake East FEMA project, please call the FEMA hotline at (208) 292-3299, leave a voicemail and a KEC representative will return your call.

Project Map:

map of proposed construction


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will other utilities (e.g. communications) be installed at the same time KEC is installing underground power lines?
No. The scope and scale of coordinating with other utility companies is significant and KEC does not have the capacity or funding for this type of coordination. Additionally, the coordination and/or installation of facilities not approved in the FEMA grant may jeopardize project funding.

Can I have a power pole?
Possibly. When construction begins, contact the onsite KEC inspector to see if any are available.

If I have a new service project or modification project on my property, can KEC complete my project at the same time to save money?
No. The Spirit Lake East FEMA project will primarily be conducted by contracted line crews and all charges will be billed to the federal grant, therefore KEC is unable to combine other projects with this FEMA project.

Will the secondary line that extends to my house be converted to underground?
No. The Federal funds are limited to primary distribution lines only.

I have an asphalt driveway will you be cutting my asphalt?
No. Boring will be conducted at all asphalt crossings.