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Rates & Policies

KEC sells power at cost and our rates are among the lowest in the nation. This is possible because of our ability to purchase low cost hydro power from the Bonneville Power Administration, the way we operate as a not-for profit cooperative and our internal focus on controlling costs and operating efficiently. For more information review the rate schedules below or use the Residential Bill Calculator. Learn more about the Service Availablity Charge.

Rate Schedules


General Service


Grandfathered Commercial Demand Side Management 



Power Cost Adjustment

KEC Policies (in PDF format)

Policy 1-1 – Purpose and Determination of Cooperative Policies

Policy 2-1 – Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy 2-25 – Qualifications for Eligibility for Service on the Cooperative’s Board of Directors

Policy 2-26 – Employee/Member Rights and Obligations

Policy 3-1 – Escalating Member Communications

Policy 3-3 – Credit and Collection

Policy 3-4 – Line Extension & Line Modifications

Policy 3-6A – Member Requests for Cooperative Information

Policy 3-6B – Nonmember Requests for Information & Adoption of a Financial Privacy Policy

Policy 3-7 – Attendance by Members or Others at Meetings of the Board of Directors

Policy 3-8 – Vegetation Management

Policy 3-11 – Changes in Rates

Policy 3-12 – Capital Credits

Policy 3-13 – Unclaimed Capital Credits

Policy 3-14 – Meter Reading and Meter Access

Policy 3-16 – Suspension and Expulsion of Members

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