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In-Home Displays

In-Home Displays give you and your family, real time feedback on how you are consuming electricity in your home. It can tell you at a glance how much electricity you are consuming and the cost of that electricity, in real-time!

Third party studies show that consumers who use an In-Home Display can save up to 15% on their monthly electric use. This can help you save energy, and reduces your electric bill.

Kootenai Electric is pleased to offer our members three choices of In-Home Displays. Members can purchase the units at a discounted price. Additional information and pricing of the units can be found through the links below. The units are available for sale at the KEC office, so stop by and pick one up.

In-Home Display's Unit Information and Pricing

Links to manufacturers websites:

Blueline Innovations, Power Cost Monitor

PowerSave, EnviR

Energy Inc, TED 5000

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