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Energy Assessment

We believe energy assessments are key to increasing efficiency. To reduce energy consumption, members first need to know how much energy they use and why. In this case, knowledge is—literally—power. 

Sign up for a KEC Energy Assessment and receive LEDs for $1 each installed.

The Snapshot Energy Assessment includes a visual review of your home, the installation of a few items to save energy and an analysis of your energy use. We’ll install CFLs, showerheads and hot water pipe insulation at no charge. Or you can have LED standard bulbs installed for $1 each or LED floods for $3 each. The Snapshot Energy Assessment is offered to current KEC members at no charge (other than the charge for LEDs if you select that option). This offer is valid for KEC members who have not previously completed an assessment. To schedule an assessment, call 208.765.1200. 

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