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Carbon Free Energy Options

Although 96.6% of the power KEC sells is carbon-free, some members would like the option to be 100% carbon-free in their energy purchases. 

KEC is now offering two carbon-free energy options. In short, these programs allow carbon-conscious members to offset all or a portion of their power from carbon-free resources. Each option is outlined below. Members can sign up for one or both programs. Participation in these programs lowers your carbon footprint without having to purchase or maintain equipment. As an added bonus, all contributions collected through these programs are placed into a reserve fund for future renewable energy projects. Please note: these programs are voluntary and the members participating in them fully cover the program costs. By signing up, members agree to pay their selected amount in addition to their monthly electric bill.

Top It OffHow it works: Since 96.6% of the power KEC sells is already carbon-free, each month KEC will offset 3.4% of your  carbon-based power with carbon-free energy. The dollar amount will vary month to month based on your electric use. For example: if you use 1,000 kWh per month, you would offset 34 kWh (or an additional $2.62 per month).

Buy a BlockHow it works: This program allows you to purchase a fixed block of carbon-free energy offsets. The average KEC member uses 1,000 kWh per month and would need to purchase three blocks to offset their carbon-based power. Each block is $1 per month and roughly equivalent to 13 kWh of carbon-free energy. Use this program to reduce your carbon footprint, or go above and beyond and help reduce your friends’ and neighbors’ carbon footprints by purchasing additional blocks. 

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Interested in how these programs may affect your bill? Use the Carbon Free Energy Bill Calculator

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