Power Outage Updates

To report a power outage please call: 1-877-744-1055

Due to the amount of storms in the area, here are a few outage reminders:

  • Please report power outages to our dedicated outage number: 1.877.744.1055. This line helps us resolve the problem quickly and efficiently and also provides power outage updates.
  • In addition to this outage page, we also post updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages: www.facebook.com/KootenaiElectric and www.twitter.com/KootenaiEC
  • KEC members can also receive power outage updates by text message or email. Members can sign up for this service by calling 208.765.1200 or emailing kec@kec.com.
  • Stay away from power lines on the ground. Always assume downed lines are energized even if the lines are sagging or broken.